pühapäev, 9. november 2008

Probleeme veel vähe?

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You don't have enough financial (43%) or legal (100%) problems.

You're rich and don't have problems with the law. Fuck you.

Let's fix this right away. Start screwing over your employees. Take the money from your vast financial empire for personal use. Steal pensions. Employ creative bookkeeping. Funnel funds into your offshore accounts.

The thing is, even if you get caught, you'll probably only get a slap on the wrist. Asshole.

What Problem Do You Need?
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The Study machine!

You're the study machine!

Don't worry even though you're not practical,you're still going to do well in your studies and university. you can always pay them to fix whatever needs to be fixed if you can't do it yourself. you will be paid more depends on what you want to become and follow your heart to what you're good at even though the pay isnt that good,it will eventually go up.

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